• Melissa

Yelling! Bigly Yelling! And Space Force

Such anger and yelling! And the announcement of Space Force

Yowza!! Such anger on alt-reality Trumplandia over the past few episodes! YELLING. Anger. Bigly anger! Like the most big yelling and anger. I would have stopped watching, but ya know what they say about trains wrecks. So I just started yelling. At anyone, anywhere!! I. WANT. A. GRANDE. ICED. VANILA. LATTE!! (Don’t try this. Trumplandia yelling is obviously quite different than yelling IRL. No one. And I mean no one yelled back at me. So weird)

I do love the zero tolerance plot line!! That’s right speeders, jaywalkers and public disorderly conductors he’s setting his sites on you! You think what he did to those allegedly illegal immigrant kids was bad? Rumor has it that Space Force is to zap jaywalkers not for intergalactic rebellion squashing. Pew Pew Pew


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