• Melissa


Wit-chez! That’s right! I’m talkin’ wit-chez!

And the rigged witch hunt that has bagged some of the best witches! It was a day of shock and awe, or just Tuesday, on alt-reality TV Trumplandia.

In a potential blow to The ‘I’m in Control’ image of the Commander in Tweets, 2 of his best and brightest- cuz that’s all he hires don’t ya know - are in deep do-do! With one even implicating da Prez himself - if you choose to believe that the ‘federal candidate’ was Trump. I mean, really, there were many federal candidates in 2016...could be any number of people....but I digress.

Stay strong Trumplandia! Keep looking to the gaslight.

But ALL that wasn’t the biggest news! Nope. Gets better!! It was Tuesday. And we know this is an administration that lives to use a crisis as an opportunity to try to slip something past us. Coal is making a comeback in a bigly way! Yep! Welcome back 1940! How we have missed you!! Now with the rollback of emissions laws, you too can enjoy the energy and airborne particulates only coal can provide!

Stay strong Trumplandia! Cohen and Manafort are a test of your loyalty!

Stay vigilant! And enjoy the coal.


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