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Seize This Day

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

It’s Thoughtful Thursday

Love when you can Cry when you have to Be who you must That's a part of the plan Await your arrival With simple survival And one day we'll all understand

-Dan Fogelberg

For some reason this lyric plays in my head whenever I have to process tragedy. As though it’s from Gods voice to Fogelbergs pen ‘it’s a part of the day we will all understand’. It becomes my mantra.

Life is fragile. So very fragile. The days are gone in the blink of an eye. The years shorten with age. Our bodies are fragile. Too fragile, almost, for our journey through this life. The stress, the strain, the toll taken to endure and carry our soul in this part of our journey is testiment to our evolution in this world. We survive. We thrive. And in the blink of an eye, we are gone.

So...Live life! Take care of you. Do you. Be you. Walk in nature. Get a massage. Rest. Relax. Explore new places. Experience old ones again. Hold your friends and family close. Tell them, always, that you love them. (Love you all!) Let go of grudges. Leave regrets behind. Bask in the sunlight. Dance in the light of the moon. Move. Grow. Play hard. Love harder. Live your best life! Seize. Every. Day.

This present moment is all there is. Tomorrow holds no guarantees. Start where you are. Do what you can. Love with all that you are.

RIP my wonderful friend Judy Durling. I will truly miss you.

What will you do to seize this day?





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