• Melissa

Scary Times

And not just because it’s almost Halloween. 🎃

It is a scary time for guys!

Trumplandia! We need your alt-reality flux-capacitor to gaslight us back to the state we’ve been living in for years! It’s truly scary that a woman (or guy, no-judgement) can show up from a guys past and ruin his life.

Ruin. Tatters. Shattered.

Lemme break it down...

You’re a 20-something guy, (hmmmm, scratch that) you’re a’s the late 80’s/ early 90’s/ last year and your out for a good-time-Saturday-night....ya know, bar, beers and bros! And in walks trouble. With a capitol T. In the form of a short skirt, long legs, perfect bod. IYHO. In. Your. Humble. Opinion. Ya get the picture.

BUT short skirt is standoffish. Crazy, Right?!? And short skirt is NOT acknowledging your stellar moves - though you are channeling you inner Playboy mansion party attendee. What is HER problem?! Short skirt leaves the bar alone. You see your chance. You follow her. And some time later when she gets the courage to tell authorities what happened it becomes a ‘she said, he said’ situation.

Then society at large, aka Social Media gets involved. And things get interesting.

The convo shifts to - WTH? Why did she walk to her car alone? And in a dark bar parking lot? Wearing a short skirt? What was she thinking? How much had she been drinking? And why is she bringing this up now? She’ll ruin his life! If it was that bad she would have said something immediately, right?!? (I feel like this should be the song and dance portion of the tale. Anyone else feeling that? Just me?!? Hmmm...I digress...)

Trumplandia! Tell it like it is! No one should be allowed to show up and make a claim of a crime years later and expect to be believed. Stink eye to you Cold-Case! Huntin’ down crooks after HOW many years? Boo. Hiss. Truly scary! Ruined lives! DNA tests ain’t helpin’ either. Don’t take one Trumplandia! Your relative will thanks you.

You’re being tested Trumplandia!! Stay strong. Stay vigilant. Victim schmicktim. Maybe a burka for girls isn’t a bad idea!?! Or a body cam for a bro?!?

Remember the gaslight is always on and that November is coming.


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