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Recorded Convos

Allegedly, there are recorded conversations...

Another crazy week Trumplandia!

It started with the Humiliation in Helsinki and ended with secretly recorded conversations about alleged hush money! Secrets! Tapes! Hush money! Oh my! And alt-reality TV KFC agent Darth Trump doesn’t like it. Not one bit. Claims it’s totally unheard of and possibly illegal to secretly record convos. Siri and Alexa that’s a stink eye at you! Probably should think twice about asking Alexa to play that Jay-Z song in your head (if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I’ve got 99 problems....hmmm just me?)

Why all the hullabaloo? Well, a long time ago, before alt-reality TV Trumplandia, scandal was real, not just an average Tuesday. Ask former Senator John Edwards (2012 prequel, lewk it up) about what happens when you attempt to hush money your way out of mistress meddling before an election. Key word in last sentence - former.

But don’t worry Trumplandia the difference today is that the gaslights always on!! And Trump, the equivocator, has tweet declared - Your favorite President has done nothing wrong.

Oh, did ya hear? Rumor has it that after this week there is a new staffer at the White House - Malaise - and KellyAnne says she’s excited to meet her!

Stay tuned! And stay vigilant Trumplandia!!


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