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Pawns in a Game

Today is Thankful Thursday - and for this post I’m going to go a bit political. Shocking, I know! 

Today I am eternally grateful that I am not directly impacted by the government shutdown. And my thoughts and positive energy goes to those who are directly impacted with the hopes that resolution is quickly found.

My gratitude is not for the obvious reasons.

It’s not because of the government services that are shuttered - food stamps, marriage licenses, farmers who rely on subsidies due to the trade war, etc.

It’s not because people are not being paid for their work - TSA, IRS, Secret Service.

My gratitude comes because I am not a pawn in this game. I am unlike all those mentioned above who are the pawns.

And that is what all of this is - a game.

A colossal game of chicken. And neither side looks like they will blink first.

Those who started the game clearly don’t understand financial insecurity. Clearly don’t understand that most of the US lives paycheck to paycheck. Because if they did understand this, they would not proudly state that they are willing to keep the government shut down for months or years in an effort to get what they want. In other words, they are willing to allow 800,000 people to go without a paycheck for their political gain.

Not everyone has the ability to ask family for money when the accounts run dry. Not everyone can go to the bank, plead need, and get a loan. Not everyone has oligarch friends who will buy their house for above market value to get the money flow going again.

I am grateful for many things in this world. Today I am grateful that I am not a one of the 800,000 pawns in this colossally cruel game. And for this I am eternally gratefu.


Of note - IMHO Mrs Pelosi should give Mr Trump the money with the caveat that the $5.7B is ALL the money Mr Trump will ever get for the ridiculous wall and that the House will have oversite as to how the money will be spent. Because if you understand how much things cost, you know, $5.7B will not build a wall across our southern border. As reference, an A380 Airplane costs $480M, DFW airport is currently undergoing a $2.7B upgrade, an new aircraft carrier is around $13B. My point - google earth what the southern border of the US looks like and $5.7B becomes a very low number when taken in context with the terrain and with how expensive it is to build things.

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