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Updated: Dec 8, 2018

This past Sunday we celebrated.

It was the one year anniversary of Coco coming to her furever home. The year marks a lot for us. It’s a year of being healthy. A year of new jobs. A year of twice daily walks with 2 independent, rescue dogs, Benny and Coco.

Let me set the stage...

Late September 2017, at an event with Habitat 4 Paws, the rescue group Jef volunteers for, I met the cutest dachshund mix - Coco. She had been an owner surrender at a shelter in East Texas. Pregnant, heartworm positive and the cutest spitfire personality, the rescue rescued her so we could find her. Her pups were adopted out. Coco would come home to us once the heartworm treatment was complete.

The catch? A few weeks later, I fell and broke my hip. Focus shifted to my surgery and long recovery. We questioned our ability to care for two dogs AND focus on my recovery. With the household responsibilities fallling on Jef, the care of the dogs was his too. Bringing another dog into the house didn’t seem fair.

We were going to have to pass on Coco.

And then, in a conversation with a very wise friend, we were given some wonderful advice - life is short, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, live life now. We weren‘t talking about dogs or Coco. We weren’t talking about plans that changed. We were discussing jobs, finances and crazy, unexpected injuries. And yet, the message we received was clearly about so much more.

A few days later, H4P was called and Coco came home!

One year later, I still think about the advice that led to a wonderful decision.

Life is short. Tomorrow is unknown. Now is all we have.

Great advice for every decision.

So very thankful it was given, more thankful that it was received.




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