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One Year Ago

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

One year ago yesterday, I fractured my hip in a freak fall in my house. A lot of firsts followed - an ambulance ride, emergency surgery that resulted in 3 screws in my femur, being wheelchair bound for 7 weeks and learning to walk again. Yay me!!

Looking back, I remember how amazingly calm I was through the ordeal. In fact, when Jef and I got the diagnosis in the emergency room, I started laughing! I’ve had amazing adventures all over the world, yet a freak fall in my house resulted in a fractured femur. WTH?!

The moment that I was given the diagnosis was probably the moment that I started meditating. One year, and 3100+ minutes later, I no longer ask why? Instead I ask, what did I learn?

I learned that sometimes when you fall you bounce and sometimes you break. This was what the orthopedic trauma surgeon told me when I asked ‘why’. Snarky answer if you ask me. A plethora of tests followed that resulted in me learning that sometimes when you fall you bounce and sometimes you break. The good part, I have data to support.

I learned that stress can have significant impact upon the body. Big nod to my reiki master friend for this teaching and helping me to continually learn this.

I learned that I have a fantastic husband, the best family & friends and wonderful neighbors.

I learned patience (endless patience) and the importance of slowing down.

I learned that some days it’s ok if the only accomplishment is taking a shower.

And most importantly I learned to listen to my inner voice and my body and to stay true to myself and my needs.

All of these learnings are things that I know I will carry with me for a long time to come.

So as I mark this day - my wish for all is this - that you listen to your inner voice and your body, and stay true to yourself.

BTW - I was going to post this yesterday, but decided that I needed to get through the day first, cuz though I know that the universe is on my side, it’s also quite a prankster at times.





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