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Next Chapter

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

It’s time! A new chapter!! I’m excited!! Are you?!!

Ya hanging with me....

One of my favorite lines of poetry is from Coleridge’s The Eolian Harp....’Methinks, it should have been impossible not to love all things in a world so filled’.

Fun fact - I silently say it often. It causes me to pause, and to be thankful for all that makes up this wonderful world. My mantra. Frankly, over the past two years of Trumplandia, I’ve found myself silently saying it many times. Especially when the negativity ratcheted up a few notches and the yelling started. But I digress...

So for this next chapter, I am going to focus on all the wonderful things in this world and reasons to be thankful. I hope you will find this topic as wonderful as Trumplandia, yet SO much more inspiring. My hope is you will join me here on Thursday’s, add to the discussion, liven-up the debate, and share your own reasons to be, simply, thankful.

Let’s begin... Today, I am thankful for our political system and electoral process. Wait?! What?!! Didya think I’d be able to quit cold-turkey? Ha!!   I’m thankful for all the political Betos we make for the outcomes we desire. (Ha! See what I did there, couldn’t resist) For the polite concessions, the humble acceptances and most importantly I am thankful for my unwavering belief in the process. I was raised in politics. The child of a federal lobbyist, congressional staffer and senatorial kitchen cabinet member, who lived and breathed the process.  Growing up in a small state (shout out to DE) elections pitted neighbor against neighbor. Really. Truly. Happened. On election night a winner would be declared. Then, a few weeks later, a Delawarian tradition - Returns Day! (Lewk it up) Every election cycle would complete on Returns Day by bringing together all candidates again for the official vote count. It is harmonious; not acrimonious. It’s a festival! Maybe a bit Pollyanna, but, hey, it’s a small state. Well, that, and the whole neighbor thing. As a country, we could learn something from this tradition. Hmmm. Why does this matter? It touches on who we are as a people. A core value. That there can be, and there will be, clash and conflict. And through that, a new normal will be created. We won’t always agree. We won’t always get along. We will always endure. It’s knowing that our elected officials are just that - elected. And the next election cycle can bring on the next change. 

There will be great losses.  And there will be great victories!!  On Tuesday, more than 115 women won elections across the country. Nearly 100 women are now members of the US House of Representatives. The LGBTQ community made great strides. And Stacey Abrams is fighting for the last vote to be counted.

You go girl! So, today, this first day of the next chapter. The first writings after Trumplandia. I am thankful for that process and my unwavering belief in it. And, now,

for what will unfold before us as we seek our new normal. 

What are you thankful for today?




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