• Melissa


On alt-reality TV Trumplandia the Commander in Tweets has come out swingin’ again.

This time at Omarosa! Calling her crazed, lowlife, dog, oh my!

And. She. Swung. Back. With tapes! Cuz, well, she’s Omarosa, she does have a book to sell, and there’s the whole ‘you’re fired’ thing. But I digress.

You’re loyalty is being tested Trumplandia. Stay strong! It’s Wacky Wednesday. And things are getting weirder.

Tom Arnold (yep, that guy) is looking for tapes that will embarrass the President. Worse than the KFC agent playing golf? Better than kompromat? Apparently so! The Viceland TV (who knew this was a network?!?) show seems a bit like Waiting for Godot (lewk it up) as these mysterious ‘tapes’ have yet to materialize but I know I’m hooked!

Stay strong Trumplandia!

And stay away Viceland!


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