• Melissa

Mr Bush

RIP Mr President.

And thank you so much for providing me some of the greatest moments of my life so far. It was an honor of my life to serve the GHW Bush White House. I hope Barbara and Millie are waiting for you in heaven.

The day President Bush scolded me, by name, for not getting the dogs (read Millie and her pups) out of the Rose Garden prior to the arrival of the Thanksgiving Turkey, is a moment I will long remember. I am certain that he had no idea I was simply trying not the shred the panty-hose I was wearing, a requirement for a lady in his ‘old-fashioned’ White House. Because I would later be standing in the Rose Garden with the President and staff in front of news cameras.

This picture was taken in Nov 1992, when the staff gathered with invited guests to welcome President Bush back to the White House after his loss to Bill Clinton. That is me with my father. •

I may not have always agreed with, no fully understood, Mr Bush’s politics or policies. But through the lens of today, I full appreciate his statesmanship, gentlemanly manner, diplomacy, and kind ‘fun-loving’ demeanor.

PS - Mr President, it’s nice to know that though you were a life-long Republican, you were part of the ‘I’m with her’ Club! 🙏😇


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