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Updated: Dec 8, 2018

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." - Emily Brontë

These lovely leaves were in our path as the dogs and I walked in the park last night. We are lucky to have a wonderful tree-filled park near our home and the dogs love walking through it daily. Benny, our Australian shepherd mix knows the path to the park and leads the way! Coco, the chiweenie, keeps up, while barking at passing cars, people, squirrels. She may be little, but she is mighty - and she feels the need to let everyone know it!

A rule of our house is that mobile phones cannot be used while walking the dogs. No talking, texting or music in headsets. The reasoning is that its too easy to get distracted by the phone when the dogs are the priority. At first, I didn’t like the rule; it seemed unnecessary. And quite frankly, I wanted to listen to music or a podcast. 3 years later, I have come to love the quiet of the walks. Just me and the dogs.

And yesterday - the leaves. Oh the gorgeous, lovely leaves! No filter. Really. This picture is as I found them on the path. They are the leaves of a Bradford pear. The tree is beautiful in the spring when it blossoms. But the fall brings a color palette unlike a typical fall one.

Growing up in Delaware on a tree lined street, in a house with a tree filled yard, I thought I knew leaves. Every fall my brothers and I raked ba-zillions of them. Crisp, dried leaves in all the fall colors of rust, brown, yellow and red. We would rake them into huge piles, jump into them and play, then bag them for the garbage pick up. Hours of our lives spent with leaves.

With that history, I thought I knew the colors and shapes of fall leaves. Then I discovered the Bradford pear tree. The leaf shape and its fall colors are so wonderfully different than anything I had ever seen. I was smitten.

Seeing them makes me happy. Walking through them makes me happier. Walking the dogs through them - well, basically, the happiest of times!

So, for today I am so very thankful for the Bradford pear tree with its wonderfully colorful leaves! I am thankful for the walks in the park with the dogs through those leaves. And mostly, I am thankful for the rule of no mobile phone while on the walk. That simple rule makes me be present and enjoy the moment.

And yesterday, while in the moment, I enjoyed the lovely leaves.




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