• Melissa

I Believe

I believe in the soul.

I believe in the random signs that guide the way. I believe in guardian angels. I believe that an untrained mind is more dangerous than an arch enemy. I believe OJ did it and that there should be congressional term limits. I believe in fiber, floss, fate and the fantastical notion that one day there may be peace on earth.

And I believe her.


Because I am her. My story may not as horrible as hers, but most likely equal to stories average women tell. Every school. Every job. Every. Damn. Job. I have a story to tell. And most importantly, I have a stories that were told to very few people because I knew I wouldn’t be believed, OR I’d be told that it was, in some way, my fault (ya know, like my skirt was too short, or my blouse showed cleavage, or I was just standing there minding my own business)

I used to think that it was just me. I have learned through the years that is not the case. It’s not just me. There are millions like me.


And a society...we still don’t believe. Wow. Whenever she tells her story (think of any woman’s name high likelihood you’ll have chosen correctly). If you can’t think of one (really?) use mine.

Sad really.

So I will add to my list of beliefs - I believe that one day when she tells her story, we will believe her. Hmmmm.... correct that - I believe that one day, her story will be, ‘he tried, and I kicked his a$$’ and when she tells her story...

....she will be believed.

Full disclosure - I did channel my inner Crash Davis for the opening of this post.


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