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Helsinki - 2018

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

The gaslighting show-down of the century.

Well, well, well just when I think that alt-reality TV Trumplandia couldn’t get any more alt the writers step-it-up!

It was the show down of the century! Or at least since Team Edward vs Team Jacob divided us! Pitting the meticulous KGB agent against the consummate KFC agent was a stroke of brilliance! I know I was glued to my TV!

And wowza what a cliff hanger! Trump denied intelligence reports regarding Russian meddling, on a world stage no less, and sided with the US archenemy in a denial! Did ya notice that even Helsinki froze over on the beautiful July day? Helsinki!

And now Trump needs Trumplandia to choose allegiance! Will it be Team Trump or Team Intelligence Community? Will the Trumpsters choose to side with him and the Russians and believe that this is the witch hunt to top all witch hunts?

Or will they choose to side with the US intelligence community?

Stay tuned!!


And so the plot thickens. Ian Fleming couldn’t have concocted a more sinister plot line. 00crazy KFC agent Darth Trump is contemplating turning over Americans to the KGB!

Yep! Read it for yourself here

You read that correctly- the K.G.B! Sergei Skripal (parallel plot line out of real world UK) would probably disagree with the sanity of this idea - but I digress.

Trumplandia allegiance is tested yet again!! Will Putin keep winning?!? And if Darth Trump could target some, would he target others? Watch your back Trumplandia, learn to love borscht and stay tuned!

Who cares that season 9 of GoT is delayed when we’ve got this alt-reality?!?


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