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Happy Thanksgiving

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Betcha didn’t know this - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

Why is it my favorite holiday? To me, it’s a wonderful day that is all about family, friends - the ones we love most. And a feast! Let’s not forget the feast. Turkey, dressing, all the deliciousness.

It’s a day of reviving traditions and reminiscing about those who started them. Yes, we all have that one crazy relative who made the day more interesting. You don’t? Hmmmm maybe that relative is you?!? Ha!

And it’s a day were we can create new traditions! We gather, eat, drink, laugh, and spend the day reminded of all for which we are thankful. Nice! 

I am so very thankful, for so very much. And I remind myself of this daily. Daily. Yep, really. And every Thursday I have pledged to myself that I will be here to remind each of you to do the same. Even if for only a brief moment, on one day of the week, I will remind you to pause....and be thankful. 

Why do this?

I believe this is the bedrock of happiness.


Don’t believe me? Let’s try it!

Pause, now, for a moment. Take a few deeps breaths. Quiet your mind. Think of the things you are thankful for. Say them out loud. I’ll start - comfortable home, food on the table, loving family/friends, sous vide short ribs, Freddie Mercury...(just me? Really? No way!) 

Say whatever comes to mind! There’s no wrong answer. It’s a list as unique as you. And when complete, when you have spoken the list, I believe that your mood will have altered. Your vibration and energy will alter. Your mind will calm. I would be surprised if you told me otherwise. Do this daily, and your perception of the world will alter.

So for today...

I am thankful for a healthy body and calm mind. For great friends and family and fur babies. I will be always thankful for the random signs that show me the way and my guardian angels. For sunny days, morning walks, fall leaves and full moons. And I am very thankful for each of you. 

Happy Thanksgiving.




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