• Melissa

Good Girl

Well hey there Trumplandia!!

Lots goin’ on! Lemme break it down....

Some dude gets drunk and has his way with a girl. Yawn. Happens all the time. It was the ‘80’s and she was probably slutty or wearing a dress or it was Saturday nite. Who knows? She keeps her mouth shut as any victim of her time would know to do. Good girl! ✅

Fast forward 30 years - give or take a few. Memories get fuzzy ‘cuz, well, ya know, time, lives, years and yadda yadda. Now dude wants to be a Supreme Court Justice. Wow! And it’s his Georgetown Prep, Yale Law School birth-rite. Right?!? Right. Done deal. But, not so fast! Along comes dress-wearing-Saturday-nite girl from all those years ago and that’s where things go awry.

Ya hanging with me?!

The Senate gets in on the drama, ‘cuz it can’t NOT these days! Pussy-grabbing Commander in Tweets can’t have all the glory! Lemme set the stage for this fantastical part of the tale! Hang with me? Take notes if needed....

In 1991, a committee of Senators set out to discredit a woman who bravely came forward to tell a shocking tale involving pubic hair and a Supreme Court nominee named Mr Thomas. She decided NOT to keep her mouth shut like our dress wearing Saturday nite girl. And those Senators succeeded! One discredited woman ✅ One SCOTUS nominee confirmed ✅

Fast forward 27 years. Twenty! Seven! Years! That same group of Senators are at it again (yep, many are the same dudes from the 1991 discredited pubic hair story - don’t lewk 👀 shocked, lewk it up) This time those male senators set out to discredit our dress wearing Saturday nite girl from the 80’s who has a shocking tale to tell about a sexual assault and a Supreme Court nominee. Did ya get all that? Girls! Tales! And SCOTUS nominees! Oh my!! History repeating! And with many of the same senatorial players.

But will they succeed this time? Will they be able to check the box? ✅

Stay tuned Trumplandia!

And stay strong!! You are being tested in a truly momentous #metoo moment! Better start throwing shade at the dress wearer less she gain legit supporters. And please remind your daughters and wives that if they are going to step forward with allegations - EVER - this Senate committee is seasoned in discrediting and others are taking notes ✅


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