• Melissa

Flippin' What?

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Wait?!? What??!!

Alt-TV has a few flippers in the mix?! And I’m not talkin’ ‘bout the dolphin of the 60’s (lewk it up) I’m talkin’ plea deal. Mr Art-of-the-Deal must have missed a chapter in his book - that a plea deal is still...well...a deal.

And what makes those flippers remarkable?!? Well, they’ve spent years not flipping. Why now? Further, if the Commander in Tweets had his way, flipping would be flippin’ illegal (ha! See what I did there? Flippin’ flipping 🤣) Maybe I’m only cracking myself up....

And the writers and alt-facts spinners need to act fast! Cuz tho the “President” (he puts “justice” in quotes, so it’s a thing, right?) has VAST pardon powers over federal crimes, he has no power over state ones (1789 prequel called The Constitution)

Stay strong Trumplandia ‘cuz that prequel could cause issues! Stay vigilant!

One day flipping could be a crime.


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