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Enemies, Bff's, European Cars

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Recap of the latest Trumplandia plot twist

Just to recap the latest plot twist in Trumplandia- in case you missed last weeks episodes (spoiler alert if you haven’t watched yet)

- Canada is now our enemy. Along with France and Germany and the other G7 attendees. But most importantly Canada. And don’t trust handsome, good-guy Justin Trudeau he’s a liar and is charging us too much for dairy products

- North Korea could be our new BFF. We all need to understand that it is a mis-understood new frontier that needs the art-of-the-deal, some fast food franchises and a Trump Tower and all will be right with the world.

- There are too many German cars in the US. Yep! That’s right! BMW, VW, Audi Trumplandia is looking at you with a stink eye. (Full disclosure, I drive a Lincoln, though I did own a VW at one time and I LOVED it)

Wow what a plot twist on Trumplandia! Did not see this one coming. Big spoiler alert if you haven’t watched! We now love N Korea and are enemies with Canada.

Trump's BFF is now Kim Jong Un (sorry Macron, he swiped left) we want to buddy up with one of history’s most brutal dictators - responsible for the deaths not only of his own citizens but of at least one American, Otto Warmbier, who was convicted and tortured for allegedly stealing a poster. Yes you read that correctly, a zero-value, paper poster. (this is a prequel story line so many have missed it)

And we still despise Canada. They are now a national security risk and put high tariffs on dairy products. Because eating butter is cool again so we need more of it. (Who knew?)

IMHO - I think this will probably lead to a plot line where a wall will be built to keep out these Canadian, national security threat terrorists from the north. And, of course, Canada will pay for that wall just as Mexico is paying for the one on our southern border. So sorry to all the Canadian snow birds who drive south to our warm, sunny Florida for the winter. Trump will probably tell you that you will need to go the long way around, or get a boat. Or, hey, maybe Trump will say - don’t come at all. That there are beautiful beaches in N Korea.


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