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A Blur of Days

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Thankful Thursday! It IS Thursday, right?!?

It’s not? No way!!! Where did this past week go?

It’s my general belief, and I think many hold the same belief, that the week between Christmas and New Years Day has no set days. It’s all a blur of days mixed together in a slurry of family, friends and food. So today must be Thursday! And for that slurry of friends, family and food, I am so very thankful. What is so wonderful about this time of year? This slurry of a week between Christmas/New Year’s? Maybe it’s the time spent with family. Though this can feel obligatory at times. Ya know the routine, everyone gather at Grandmas for the traditional feast. Yet, this time of year can be so much more!! It can be a time to reconnect with friends who have become family - or framily, as I will lovingly refer to those who are more like family than friends, forevermore! I hope you have people in you life like this too! Those people who entered your life’s orbit and never left. Kinda like a sibling or a cousin - but so much more, and definitely without the rivalry!! For me, framily is comprised of sorority sisters, college friends, work colleagues, childhood neighborhoods and high school classmates. And is now a marvelous concoction of people, who live all over the world, who entered into my life’s orbit and never left. With whom time suspends whenever we get together. Days, weeks, even years could pass, and when we are together it’s as though we have always been just that - together. Just like with family, only framily. So wonderful. Facebook, Instagram, email make it so much easier to stay in touch and know what is happening within the worlds of those with whom we want to remain close. It’s as simple as scrolling through your news feed to find the latest update. Pictures and updates of travel adventures, babies, fur-kids, and delicious meals. And then, when the time comes, and we are reunited, the details flow forth!! It’s as though no time has passed. How very marvelous. For me, this week was just as full of framily, as actual family. My brothers and their wives, my niece and nephew and my parents took center stage. Of course! We saw the Jersey cousins - Sheryl, Nan, Katie, Ed, Lynn, Mike, Bonita, Tom - more food, more good times! And then the framily time!! Evangeline, Mike, Katherine, Julie, Dwayne, Fernando, Steven, Marilyn, Emily, John, Jeb and Paul. Tomorrow will bring even more - Karina, Dany, Paula, Gen. The friends made along the way, as I, and my hubby, have traveled through this life. The friends who stayed and who make the ordinary, extra-ordinary! The framily. For it is those friends, that framily, who make life more colorful, and in many ways more meaningful! Those who are not bound by blood to play a part, but rather those who are drawn by spirit and connection to stay, that help to round out this life. So cheers to all the family time, and the framily time, spent during this past blur of a week! I hope you had a wonderful time, just as we did!

And, I hope the wonderful feelings of this past week stay with you well into the new year!


Who would like to join me in a 21-day Thankfulness challenge?!? Starting in January, we kick off the new year with accountability to each other to remind ourselves to be thankful and appreciative of all that we are and all that we have! For 21 days! Why 21 days? Well, research has shown that habits can be formed in that amount of time! Why form a thankfulness habit? Becauseit is a daily rhabit that can fundamentally shift your thoughts. And as your thoughts go, your feelings flow. Who’s with me?!?! PM me and we’ll get started! I hope y’all join me in this challenge!

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